Wednesday 21 February 2018


The individual citizen is not a chip in a poker game. Citizens are not markers, ciphers or symbols. The citizen is an independent creative being and so should be respected. The more misdirected leadership of time, money and energy deletes and denies the creative forces of citizen stewardship in policy choice making matter is critical.  Behind closed doors, secret meetings by corporate, politbureau and academics must apprehend collusion.

The corporative leadership senses uncomfortably a “creative economy” and is tentatively entering their solution of a co-creation definition! Seeds are being sown to welcome open and actively external collaboration from employees, suppliers, customers and even competitors.

The politbureau are now trying to promote sustainable growth by most feebly attempting to engage their citizens in a more profound, more responsible and long-term oriented process of co-creation. This attitude needs a stronger permanent reorganization structure for good place-making.

The academics are spinning their intellectual web networks on paper in a virtual world that distances them from reality. The apartheid schools are unwilling interdisciplinary teams to build composite wisdom to serve citizens in communities adequately for co-creation.

Daring integration of talent, skill, and experience for a WISE CITY citizen-leadership decision-making collaboration in all three domains is the ultimate challenge.

Demanding urban development of this concept even further by having citizens co-create alongside public management, not only suggest changes in public meetings, media reporting problems but also use of transparent public data in open debate to develop and deliver new urban services with vetted information.

The idea of accommodating citizens as active stakeholders by fostering entrepreneurship is critical. Using voluntary citizen input should be encouraged for returns on investment. Potential dividends for the citizen as shareholders of their contributions must be evaluated for value toward a better qualified and useful advance in community livelihood decisions. 

This PPPPP stewardship will activate citizen-leadership decision-making livelihoods for community betterment.

Graham Kaye-Eddie

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