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FREEDOM definitions in our Dictionaries have many meanings.

1.0 ability to act freely; 2.0 release from captivity or slavery; 3.0 country’s right to self-rule; 4.0 right to act or speak freely; 5.0 absence of something unpleasant; 6.0 ease of movement; 7.0 right to occupy place; 8.0 honorary citizenship; 9.0 frankness; 10.0 excessive confidence or familiarity and 11.0 free will are the interpretations of the single word in the dictionary.

Urban design for all involved in the design fields is a quagmire of continuing struggles for expressions of individual freedoms from the tyranny contained by principalities and powers that covertly control human behavior under the guise of secret and hidden agendas.

Freedom for Peace,

Freedom for Prosperity,

Freedom of Liberty,

Freedom of motion, (No more subtle straitjackets)

Freedom of safety,

Freedom of place,

Freedom of self-sustenance,

Freedom of speech,

Freedom of travel,

Freedom of trade,

Freedom of exchange, (monetary or bartering)

Freedom of choice,

Freedom for assessing consequences,

Freedom for evaluating assessments,

Freedom of self/family/household management,

Freedom of vote that counts for community consensus of value,

Freedom of spatial volumetric ownership,

Freedom of voluntary community support,

Freedom of duties assigned for periods to protect community,

Freedom to receive awards for valued community contributions,

Freedom of import/export products and services,

Freedom to participate in citizen-leadership of community decision-making

Freedom of debt,

Freedom to influence community investments,

Freedom to push/pull iteration loops reinforcing or balancing feedback in community affairs,

Freedom to alter/better community business plans,

Freedom to positively help community wealth growth,

Freedom to question growth values/risks,

Freedom to contribute to steady community change,

Freedom to accept new community labor for additional acceptable technologies,

Freedom of individuals to be allowed into community leadership roles for a transitional testing period,

Freedom to alter community governance organization of citizen-leadership decision-making by assigning individual tasks to elected Ministers,

Freedom of succession choices for future selected citizen-leadership affairs,

Freedom of citizens to be pardoned from taxes in a community,

Freedom to forgive community citizens of incurred debt,

Freedom for citizens to invent and create community wealth increases for given rewards.

Freedom to observe, maintain and practice religious beliefs,

Liberty for citizens to create and broadcast positive/negative messages about community growth and change,

Freedom for citizen celebrations to conduct their cultural, social and traditional festivals without causing a civil disturbance,

Freedom from Internet bait and switch tactics,

Freedom of access to information without being analyzed by algorithms,

Freedom of accessing information without advertising,

Freedom with Internet communication toward building relationships,

Freedom to alter policy creation processes that trouble aspects for community fairness,

Freedom of engendering an iterative design process,

Freedom of decision choices sourced from individual and group collaboration about urban futures,

Liberty of citizens to approve or disapprove policies, and to refute, deny, accept, reinforce, rebalance with evidence regarding evaluations for assessments and consequences.

These are only a limited list of freedoms. To summarize the intent and context of the word one desires better understanding. This further dictionary explanation follows as a qualifying definition;


1.0 The state of being free or at liberty rather than a placement under physical restraint. (He won his independence after a retrial.)

2.0 Exemption from external control, interference, or regulation.

3.0 The power to determine action without restraint.

4.0 Political or national independence,

5.0 Personal liberty, as opposed to bondage or slavery, (a slave who bought his freedom.)

6.0 Exemption from the presence of anything specified (usually followed by from such as freedom from fear.)

7.0 The absence of or release from ties or obligations.

Freedom to create urban planning and designs for villages, towns, cities, regions, ego-states and national capitals requires building intimate informational relationships with friends and colleagues that matter for real improvement purposes.

Clarification of mutual individual understanding of priorities for citizen-leadership decision-making of wise choices is paramount.

Graham Kaye-Eddie

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