Monday 22 January 2018


Designers cannot discuss alternative urban futures in a proper discourse setting with leadership to resolve village, town, city, region, and national capital transportation problems.

Communications structured in the existing status quo process is placing blinkers on citizen’s eyes, buds in eardrums, and muffler’s on spoken or written expressions. Transforming exchange processes in our newly founded digital communication era face further difficulties.

Discord and confrontation have dismissed cultural context and urban habitat geographic positions between governments, technology, cultures and ecological understandings. A chasm separates management from citizens. A division between local, state and national politics exists and continues unabated. Firm, decisive and foundational civil decisions are apprehended

Therefore global problems ensue with transportation that needs to support worldwide distribution of goods and people. Diverse Natural resources, serve all agricultural and manufactured products. National decisions are intercepted or threatened with bad agreements. Decisions by leaders thwart citizens activities and thus do not help them for local and global mobility allowing trade functions. Sovereign nations censor mobility with tariff restrictions that interfere with freedom of commercial business sequential transitions for transactions.

Present governments role to bridge citizen’s toward a transportation future is filled with conflicts and lack of equality. Leaders are blind and unwilling to consider freedoms for assessments, consequences, and impacts that necessitate collaboration. Citizens cannot participate in any prudent exchanges for the advancement of transportation policies. Severing a citizen-leadership process with current voting practices toward improvements for future liberty is banned and prolonged in status quo. These circumstances are unacceptable and bound toward failure for humankind.

At stake are personal property ownership, privacy, autonomy, and preservation

Public information for thorough, judicious transportation policy evaluation of risks is paramount. Deliberations for better performing transportation is the essence for making proper mobility choices. Many connected matters of consideration for correct and honest decision choices must overcome the veiled threats to maintain mobility with fossil fuel energy practices.

Social media together with technology interests connect global populations with electronic devices. Data access systems for different Internet discourses are always at hand. Emanating are constant deviations of opinions without proper evaluations is not well understood. Citizen’s feelings instead of rational and logic comprehension as to assessments and consequences for urban transportation policies should instead prevail with righteousness and truth.

Poor conventional alternatives from “top-down” controls cannot help rectify a governance organization of Democrats, Republican, or Independent party solutions. The past and present government elected representatives conduct has not and will not be a firm resolve for habitat/ecological location to stabilize citizen’s future survival.

Short-term urban development opportunities conflict with long-term policies. The public evidence is obligatory to correct moral choices. Integrative decisions made for evaluating true and false information substance must account for following proper and enduring actions.

A government re-organizational change of citizen-leadership decision-making needs profound rethinking for continuing population expansion for health and safety on this planet. Present discord provokes a lack of wisdom in the hierarchy of corporate, academic, politburo and media cooperation. Citizen’s opinions are set aside, disarmed, disdained, and discarded without polite response when placed into the public record.

Thoughts placed into words with illustrations no longer are two-edged swords that penetrate citizens and leaders minds for molding appropriate urban futures. Mind charting a consensus with agreed upon withdrawals caused by unwarranted, unceasing toxic attacks on urban growth and change policies must insert and perpetuate new urban decision patterns.

A new light must shine on a transportation priority. Citizen-leadership stewardship must avert and prevent an impending disaster for all settlements. What’s going on and what should happen is undecided. Arising is a grey cloud of digital technological data invasion for establishing authoritative information to review risk evaluation. Will this provide value for Peace, Prosperity, and Liberty?

In the realm of dissenters and dissidents, the democratic republic myth proceeds darkly. Growing prospects toward a corrective pattern for self-sustenance, sustainability, and durability is supreme. Breeding dissatisfaction and discontent in the minds of populations who are dispersed and divided is a weak base for positive urban futures.

The most critical transportation question is who will join in a righteous path to challenge humankind’s wrongly ingrained beliefs, understandings, habits, and practices in city building? How will citizen-leadership decision-making guide, invent, transform and steer future urban growth and change risk alternatives? What courage and determination will a group of larger mass display promising, possible and practical unity of public options?

What team of citizen leaders will partner enlightenment of population minds to welcome and adopt cutting-edge urban planning and design solutions? Urban visions before new jobs must reawaken intelligence and skills for mutual rewards.

A citizens-leadership, decision-making transformation for an urban reformation must begin and stand-in individual accountability and responsibility of stewardship for Earth’s health. Current devastation of Natures resources faces all humanities choices.

A clear participatory partnership solution requires a platform with a new organizational framework for citizen-leadership decision-making. Cascading positive urban choices into the best of political and earthly futures time has come.

What matters in transportation futures is how real prospects work together – for the next generation.

Graham Kaye-Eddie

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