Monday 22 January 2018


The creation of an ever-expanding peaceful government will never end. Providence must find fairness and justice amongst all nations. The seeking of Peace, Prosperity, and Liberty respects conditions that all world citizens pursue.

Communication technologies must establish the digital Internet communications system for integrated citizen-leadership decision- making for accomplishment. Adopting such a linkage process incorporates opportunities for life-long learning of all individuals in their respective geographic locations.

Four organizational entities to achieve this goal are, “Genius Clusters,” “Geoscopes,” “Calm Rooms,” and “Stakeholder R&D Laboratories.”

Ministers are elected by local citizens to form a “Genius Cluster.”

Ministers occupy a “Calm Room” facility for daily deliberations. Citizens participate in leadership together to observe and cast urban growth and change decisions that impact their community.

The “Geoscope,” is spherical signboard illustrating streaming information throughout all habitat locations.

Ministers for “Stakeholder R&D Laboratories” are likewise elected by local citizens to perform their functions. They independently service their community to convert data into information for guiding citizen decision choices.

Transparency of information for use on all issues discussed, revealed and chosen is shared by the intelligence of many decision-makers. Their collaboration and evaluation are posted on a scoreboard to show internal assessments and external consequences for harmony in adopted Eco-State regions.

Access to the Calm Room, Geoscope and Stakeholder R&D Laboratories is open to communities young and old 24/7. These three facilities locate themselves in appropriate adjacencies.

Civil debates openly conduct concerns on all urban development and implementation agendas. Citizens and Ministers discuss, consider, deliberate and make plans, strategies, and tactics. Agreed upon choices for urban growth and change link all communities together.

The urban design process considers eight interwoven steps for management and operation.

FIRST, the establishment of citizen-leadership decision-making processes to combine the populations thinking is now technologically possible. Citizens in homeowner associations, villages, towns, cities, and regions to national capitals become fully aware of public design choices in communities.

SECOND – Population numbers address the primary urban planning issues to calculate census determinations for future permanent and temporary residential changes.

THIRD – The geographic location resource preferences are prescribed, recorded and installed for use in all new Eco-State boundary areas.

FOURTH – Calculations of environmental attributes found in respective longitude/latitude geographic positions increase citizen’s survival welfare. Principles for individual health survival establishes, conducts and records facts of nutrition support.

FIFTH – The paramount proposal is to introduce a new transportation system for citizens to gain access from point-to-point 24/7 for their daily travels.

SIXTH – Business sectors are identified to enable the community to survive and thrive in a satisfactory proportional mix.

SEVENTH –  Socio/cultural and technological invention advances must be encouraged and applied for material advances in safety and security to satisfy alternative settlements.

EIGHTH – Citizens must institute a collaborative urban design as a regenerative process. It is best described visually as a Mobius.

All the above eight suggestions of process aim at individual participatory stewardship responsibility. Entrusting positive citizen-leadership decision-making choices can now be passed down to subsequent generations.

Building a humanity of enlightenment for truth needs both ascendancy and subordination for peaceful coexistence.

Graham Kaye-Eddie

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