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Where are the brilliant minds that can work as a team to go forward by lifting the boat for all citizens rich and poor to stem governance moral rot from toppling without finding honest, sensible public leadership councilors to provide stability?

The danger involved with settlements for citizens is not assessing the right priorities for action in urban planning for urban design growth and change with resulting negative consequences. The ever-changing population’s limited urban design thinking, in general, is one of lack of comprehension, observation and understanding about Natures flows and forces.

Citizens exist and perform daily activities. Things listened to, seeing clearly, reading with understanding, writing with accurate facts, calculating to determine actual values, graphically illustrating with color, singing songs, playing music and living with clean food, water and shelter needs are primary functions. Individual livelihood requires gaining daily energy for exercising the mind toward laboring in the concert of community activities toward acting righteously for the common good.

However, the food we eat and the water we drink exists because of our responsible stewardship with our actions on the land and in the ocean. But still, all things exist in Nature. As stewards of life on Earth one is part of Nature so are our all of our actions.

Socially, culturally and individually one collaborates at heart together for survival. Technically, everything that exists is found in Nature and with our intelligence to be either breakdown or mix new materials with innovative tools. Therefore, nothing is unnatural in our inventiveness for designed practical usefulness.

Discoveries with modern tools, the microscope and telescope have revealed newly constructed Natural environments in the micro (example: DNA) on Earth and macro of the Heavens. (Example: Andromeda an island universe, houses more than a trillion suns.)

Awareness of the value of humankind’s incremental progress toward an iterated view and estimate evaluation of internal assessment and resultant external consequences is necessary. Therefore, gains of good validated knowledge for wise use for a given period can now realize. Also, one has to consider our Natural eco-environmental settings for withdrawal and recycling of elements.

All habitat insertion into an eco-state deserves the utmost respect and common sense applications of human-made structures for harmony achievement with Nature. The several opportunities for urban design profitability will be dependent upon and arise from new industrial tools and their applications.

Discovering the resilience of plant life and specific species for their rapid growth such as Bamboo, Paulownia, and Industrial Hemp, these are critical to developing new materials in mind for construction of settlements.

New chemical mixtures of organics and minerals must become possible for manufacturing processes by the presently existing and estimated future populations on all continents.

The original product performance must improve the present structural mixes. The material must be recyclable and have non-harmful impacts to life on earth.

Deposits of manganese oxide, silica, and basalt mixed with fibers offer promising results for global structural material formation.

Humankind exists with indigenous biota areas of flora, fauna, and knowledge of seeds. Together all Earthly life shares a three-dimensional green spatial network for each passage of species that includes human for the liberty of movement and migration.

All mobility in life together is inexorably linked and bonded in energy, distance, time and speed with the four seasons for survival. Plants, animals, humans found in their distinct places, when placed into a safe unification, must be inventoried over the entire planet.

Numerical assignments given to all indigenous and mineral resources will establish a warranted measure of specific value to humankind.

Discussion of Internal decision assessment of multiple choices and their resulting consequences follows. Only four aspects of citizen-leadership decision-making. Energy, Communication, Transportation, and Industry are the four priorities that require immediate attention.

City urban vision futures must demonstrate efficient evolutionary performance by integrating the ying-yang of intrinsic flow networks between Nature and Habitat footprints to venture into a holistic, integrated development. The four primary elements to accomplish governing the governed is an explanation shown  in four categories of activities – “Genius Clusters,” “Geoscopes.” Calm Rooms” and “Stakeholder R&D Laboratories.”

The elected Ministers in the tiered “Genius Clusters,” organized in determined Eco-States presents a new empowerment to redesign urban settings as to their scale for growth and change development. One must acknowledge that the modern Democracy – a competitive two-party system with three legislative bodies have not worked well with the President making the final decision on all urban, national and global issues.

An alternative indeterminate urbanity that allows ideas of cultural diversity, environmental justice, freedom of expression, an opportunity for liberty and a slight shift in present “Democracy” embraces the exercise of many citizen choices for multiplicity and different contrasts for the next generation.

By placing a numerical value on all living organic and mineral gifts of abundance together with human ingenuity, civilization must focus toward resolving FOUR necessary systems for priority action.

FIRST, generate energy systems anew from the sufficiency of fossil fuels to a transition that satisfactorily quantifies solar, wind, nuclear, geothermal, and tidal and other energy means for peoples electricity needs. Each alternative energy generation for use and storage is adopted and chosen for a habitat domain. Villages, towns, cities, regions, eco-states, and national capitals are where people live to be responsible and accountable earthly stewards.

The urban design acquest for sustainable energy poses one of the critical challenges in our informational age. Advancements realized as a problem for our new digital world searches for sufficient strength to drive population life estimates integration together with Natures resources. Applying arithmetic and common sense is practical toward creating solutions that resolve collaboration, complexity, and contradiction. The choices humanity makes will determine what future generations will inherit. Replacing fossil fuels to impact our sentient liberties requires both wise decisions toward energy transition that seriously includes a new transportation means and industrial manufacturing technology advancement.

Many fields of interdisciplinary activities should be clustered to clarify understanding for a pathway to energy stability. Integrated urban design links with these numerous factors aggregated together into a flowing oneness of harmony are paramount. Utopias created that prevent chaos in present complexity demands informed and framed socio/cultural, economic and technological choices.

Advancing Citizen-leadership, decision-making presents a slight but essential shift to improve our Democracy. Again the proposal to do so is prescribed in four primary elements –“Genius Clusters,” “Geoscopes,” Calm Rooms” and “Stakeholder R&D Laboratories.”

SECOND, Communication has advanced more rapidly than any other human endeavor in our times. Computers hardware and software, cell phones, software applications, streamed video content all portend a lifelong learning process for young and old.

Individual and collective capacities encompassing democracy’s principles, contested features, history, and expressions to acknowledge philosophical and practical measures and dimensions for policy issues requires the discernment to distinguish credible factual claims in good faith from error and propaganda.

Utilizing this information in “Calm Rooms” to incrementally develop an eco-urban vision for community life on Earth is most important. The elected “Genius Clusters” of Ministers in all the defined village, town, city, region, regional, eco-state, national capital tiers must together recognize and respond positively to resolving urban problems.

Making decisions accepted as legitimate conclusions becomes possible. In so doing citizen-leadership decision-making will foster ongoing urban development in all the capacities required for survival. It is, therefore, most critical to place “Geoscopes,” “Calm Rooms” and “Stakeholders R&D Laboratories” in close adjacent physical proximity. Thereby creating a convenient way to enact democratic values for daily decision choices. This institutional reorganization for public decisions, policies and laws will transform socio/cultural practices and professional roles in all communities.

THIRD, integrate a mixed-use transportation system to include walking, electric biking, and small electrical lightweight autonomous vehicles for a point-to-point destination solution. Entry into well-located portals for ingress and egress into a seamless high-speed system is paramount for liberty that serves 24/7 an intra-city, inter-city, regional, eco-state, national and a linked intercontinental global system.

An adopted metric measurement standard for high-speed transportation technology system for all settlements is the desired local to global mission. The proposed new travel means must surpass the status quo fossil fuel-driven system. In total the proposed new integrated travel performance on land, sea, and air must collectively offer a vastly superior, safer and economically viable passage for people and goods into urban futures.

Imagine a mobility system that adopts a contained capsule that is frictionless in travel, lightweight, requires far less energy to perform, is almost benign to environmental impacts, is less expensive to construct per mile and has greater capacities for movement of goods and people. The proposed mobility system should be financially feasible, have proven cost/benefit to be acceptable, technically created, developed and implemented as soon as possible.

Transportation resulting in a lesser cost for goods and passenger ticket per mile must collapse distance and time with higher speed. It must also satisfy system operations and management with 24/7 services. All the parts and pieces are presently technically feasible for efficient manufacturing, and robotic assembly. Productive and profitable manufacturing facilities globally should adopt similar metric standards of production for placement. International adoption will provide many necessary jobs universally to alter city development for better functional urban living futures.

FOURTH, institute an exemplary industrial advance in all domains of linked technical activities. In parallel support education and skills to support manufacturing is necessary.

The resulting dramatic changes envisioned from scaled villages to cities that are initiated by wise citizen-leadership decision-making should support new creative digital design integration. Manufacturing choices begin with the culture willing to advance urban futures with limited financial risk, for profitable long-term returns.

Hope for the next generation to transition into an affordable shelter, that then offers unfettered liberty of movement, to make debated choices through rapid communication for proper decision-making can be accomplished. Regeneration of sufficient energy with a biophilic network will sustain self-sufficiency, sustainability, and durability. Harmony of urban footprint with eco-state stewardship mission goal is now attainable.

Computer Aided Drawing (C.A.D.) begins with desktop design engineering, prototyping, proceeding into 3D printing (SLA, SLS/SLM, and FDM) and then Computer-aided Manufacturing (C.A.M.). Computer Numerical Control machining, turning, milling, 5 Axis Machining, Injection Molding, Stereolithography, Selective Laser Sintering and Metal Fabrication follow. Robotics added to the assembly of parts and pieces for integrating structures follows. Industrial advance prospects can now fulfill population ambitions.

Stewardship of harmony evaluation measures for populations prescribes good urban futures. The latitude/longitude locations of people have direct responsibility and accountability to their community.  The maintenance of clean land, air, water, food/fiber, communication, economics, mobility, structures, waste handling, justice/security/safety, ecological/habitat harmony and an evaluation grading system for community decision choices are in their control for livelihood found in their built environment.

The “Genius Cluster” of 13 Ministers well positioned in each tiered physical “Calm Room” is capable of conducting urban affairs in convenient locations. These locations in all communities’ accommodate locally elected citizen decision-making. The facilities become the keystones for human principle choices of survival on Earth. Joining together with local “Stakeholders R&D Laboratories” also founded nearby these tiers of “Calm Room” governance engage their role to help guide and serve urban development futures.

Inter-disciplinary business actions must become a new evolving mission for humankind survival on Earth. The inclusion of scientists, environmentalists, sociologists, climatologists, geologists, engineers, designers and all those other disciplines separated by particular self-interests for life on Earth should offer knowledge, wisdom, experience, and skill to community affairs. New team formation to approach the variety of urban issues must be formed and bound to serve the morphing of knowledge, skills, and dispositions into a thriving Democracy.

Socio/Cultural language encodes lore. Urban design principles must be verbal, scripted, illustrated and measured presentations for recordation. Relevancies of decisions made in the local physical context secure progressive municipal implementation.

Integration of the lowest to the highest form of governance from Home Owners Associations, to Village, Town, City, Regional, State and National Capital establishes elected and appointed citizens. Each member selected and assigned with defined roles of participation for decision-making input provides capabilities to confront urban issues.

Fantastic advancement in communication technologies allow for the institution of scaled “Gyroscopes” to locate and link a “bottom-up” citizen-leadership decision-making in multiple geographic locations linked together in “Calm Rooms.” These multiple installations together collectively promote full citizen awareness of and for validated survival information flows on Earth and in Heaven.

The four annual seasons with their sunny, windy, rainy and snowy days are different in mountains and valleys. Elevation above sea level, variant temperatures, adjacencies to forests, pastures and deserts help explain personal preferences for viewshed distances desired in facilities. Travels distances from ant colonies to the hummingbird flyways acknowledge their 3D domains and corridors of movement for nutrition and procreation. So should human thinking patterns display both fields for 3D stationary and corridor evolution for a duration of life in a chosen society?

Enabling the primary and warranted position of humankind decision choices to advance the welfare of their communities is the objective. Conversion of big data into the valid, truthful information transmitted as servings to “Calm Rooms” will help collective community decision choices. Rewards given to evaluating the worth of citizen contributions to civil affairs is mandatory for creating substantive urban value enhancement as well as operational and management improvements.

Knowing the imputed estimated eco-state value of local mineral deposits as well as an organic wealth of the native environment taken into account must first support self-sustenance and second support creative manufacturing of diversified products.

Defined ecological environments joined with human habitat assets necessitate idea inventiveness to exceed the need of self-sustenance to increase productive exports further. Involving practical common sense aided with artificial intelligence (AI), models, simulations, scenarios, algorithm formation, imagining virtual reality for all urban structures engaged with city creation would be a mistake without functional commercial business integration.

Finding, discovering and determining iterative urban solutions for Eco-State/Habitat harmony agreements become a visionary civic business mission activity for an agreed upon future urban pathway. The “Genius Cluster” organization of elected Ministers drawn and selected from the localities to represent their citizen-leadership decision-making will improve community advancement. Evolution of governance organization for existing and future villages; towns, cities, regions, eco-states and national capital should evolve together for community ecological/health harmony.

The science of citizen-leadership decision-making must be advanced to create, build and implement cities. All citizens will be involved in a life-long learning process. Each must understand the aspirations, expectations, motives, themes, measurements, and movements that are concerned with the means of urban planning and design iteration.

Corporate, Academic, Politbureau and Media’s past thinking about citizen involvement in integrating a satisfactory process for citizen-leadership decision-making is summarily forgotten. Introduced is the practicality of conducting a civil, debatable, and equitable means of participation and engagement in villages, towns, city’s, regional institutions, state and national capitals.

An original resolution for these civil matters is to offer a fresh, unique and substantive urban design settlement for each tiered habitat category suggested above for the placement of “Calm Rooms.” Daily awareness of urban affairs becomes inexcusable, as accessibility by all individual citizens movement from residence to daily activities will see the streaming of information on the located “Geoscope.” Also, personal cellphone, tablets, and computers with “Apps” will also help direct self-interest in monitoring urban planning and design issues.

The constant revelation of validated streaming in commercial information broadcasts onto “Geoscopes” for all the tiered eco-state/habitat populations will show the currency of appropriate urban activity decision choice flows. “Calm Rooms” are within reach of measured pedestrian walking distance enabling citizen access for reality participation. Thus the provision of face-to-face interaction with Ministers is easily accommodated.

The “Geoscopes,” “Calm Rooms” and “Stakeholder R&D Laboratories” are also accessed for citizen participation with added mixed-use transportation capabilities. Convenient interaction in civic affairs must break the present political status quo of “come to my table” circumstances to find out present and future urban policy-making patterns and decision choices taken for the public record.

What citizens believe is always up to the individual; what research shows it’s still dependent on the bias of the researcher. What is sought, manufactured, produced, organized and shared by business organizations is a mutual support of understanding by citizens at large. The new governance organization estranges itself from past collusion and corrupt conduct.

The heavily swayed current 2017 populations wisdom of accurate support for decision choices are involved with inaccurate information on which to act judiciously. The magnitude, scale and time intervals of information presentation, however, must still form a union. Therefore addressing the proposed four-component organization will forecast substantive facts for future public choices. Thus a positive change in the urban affairs of city building results. The USA Constitution was created and amended for future flexibility. Is it not the time to offer an improvement in our Democracy?

Citizen involvement in urban affairs with an honest intent for participation begins a new way. The scale of the past participation changes with visible streamed displays on “Geoscopes.” The hidden secret meetings revealing past opinionated displays chose vitriol and disdain over logic and rational evidence. These conditions will not predominate. These past perpetrators were not stupid. They were bonded by shorthand nods and grimaces between them, reinforcing a tribal solidarity with video communications to many citizen devices with false promises.

Citizens, therefore, now become susceptible to legitimate arguments and can clarify false from correctly validated facts. Citizen’s beliefs are thus not confused but supported by evidence. En masse, citizens will reinforce each other with substantiated expectations. Reactions interwoven with aspiration and faith can now proceed proactively.

Politically, it was smarter to end-run citizens by force of unabated and numbing broadcasted messages. Citizen numbers at the voting booth were under the control of loudmouths and demagogues without any honest attempt to enlighten minds about righteousness. Citizens will not vote anymore as doomed conformists if given the dignity of participation with practical urban information.

Citizens are not a lost cause, but they are worth the time and resources spent to educate and persuade them into a better union. Nowhere in the trinity of the United States balance of powers to the citizens and the word “Democracy” appear in Constitutional documents. Where is the government of the people, by the people and for the people found in reality? Furthermore, an achievement to secure the blessings of Liberty to a growing USA citizenry population it is necessary to amend the American Constitution again for future Peace and Prosperity.

Villages, towns grow into cities and nation that omits the brilliant minds in a tiered team of stewardship will not be viable. The priority integration of but four of many elements – energy generation, transportation and industry into urban planning and design will enhance the quality of living in communities for generations to come.

Graham Kaye-Eddie
m.u.d.             ©                      12/12/17, 12/18/17            3,141 words

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