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All urban visions present a double-edged sword to execute either punishment or pleasure for citizen-leadership decision-making of community concerns and contentious issues.

Purposefully weighed decision-choices on issues for community affairs must be well debated. After focused and deliberate conversations, the internal assessments and external consequences require the majority citizen’s evaluation to vote in their respective Eco-State geographies. The majority of citizens adopt each specific issue with a consensus agreement in villages, towns, cities, regions and national capital. (VTCR- NC).

The population distributions in the USA are better served in villages, towns, cities, regions and independent national capital with “GEOSCOPES” that service each specific spatial Eco-State environment. Commercial integration of corporations and academic institutions are required to provide evaluated and tested results to better represent and aid all urban issues of concern that matter to each community for Peace, Prosperity, and Liberty.

Life lessons in the individual choice making must be enhanced with advances made from data transmission will encourage evaluations that are truthful informational conclusions.

The wisdom of the Creators establishment of everlasting motion must be fully understood by every earthling. Water in motion on Earth gives life to all living things. Ocean, tide, cloud, rain, snow, hail, mist, dew, wind, thunder, lightning, fires, volcano, earthquakes, vapor above clouds magically interface consistently. Together with the ever-spinning Sun, Stars, Earth, and Moon the process of temperature, pressure, gravity, electromagnetism and ultraviolet radiation cause a process for organic life on Earth.

The human motion for life follows. Citizenship conversation leading to Earth’s stewardship is dependent on terminal population life spans. Generational transitions of success and failure are accountabilities for all earthly decision choices of conduct. Responsibilities are entrusted to humanity for the continued stewardship for the health of all living things.

A process of clear understanding must be recorded, stored and accumulated for chosen decisions of community wisdom. Incremental knowledge must be discovered, founded, recorded and formed from concise observation of Natures mobility interface. Occurring incessantly in human, wildlife, procreation, seeds, black soil, indigenous flora, fauna, biota, birds, fish, insects, worms and domestic animals. Growth and change, birth and death are an unending process.

Continuous cultural discoveries in human evolution are repeated in motion at different times and speeds. Newly invented tools, microscope, telescope, computers, and communication devices have explored communicative results for minerals, organic matter, air, water, energy, chemistry, biology and many other separated disciplinary discoveries. Alternative interests that were either broke down or built up processes of substance for practical usefulness and utility form the urban footprint.

Primary knowledge passed down to following generations of human populations enabled the construction of safe settlements. Initially, they were historically well established under seasonal changes of self-sustenance with hunting and agricultural processes. Nurturing and sustaining human life by growing edibles and feeding domesticated animals on pastures changed with the industrial and technical evolutions.

Complimenting indigenous environments with settlements is in continual motion. Mankind has studiously avoided the known forces of Nature to promote the long-term building of villages, towns, and cities. An ingrained and stubborn cultural pattern for short-term status quo of community survival, however, persists. Wisdom learned about the forces of Nature such as typhoons, hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanoes, geysers, tsunamis, ocean storms, tides and currently predicted ocean rise with climate change are better understood. Urban footprint design and placement should therefore wisely respect these forces with distance and protection of sturdy materials that are durable to harbor population safety for occupation.

Urban planning and design are filled with life lessons in motion. Although humanity’s timely or untimely decisions about urban past, present and futures morph into a somewhat unrelated continuum of Natures many forces for habitat location rebuilding in the same place must be reconsidered. There are assessments and consequences to be made that have been summarily ignored. Humanities problems are eventually turned into solutions for physical city realities. Only after disasters repeat themselves does the rebuilding of citizen’s knowledgeable activities and labor evaluate future wisdom. The Creator at the end of times will judge the spirit of humanities good stewardship of Earth.

All humanity is a pilgrimage on Earth in motion. Populations will be confused, embarrassed, conflicted and persuaded to proceed on different paths. Humans are all in motion during their lifespan. Fresh design solutions must be made in all realms of human activities. The rapid invention and expansion of new technological tools and devices have spread almost by instant possession of devices spreading data to the inquisitive global humankind. Results have compounded population wants for equanimity by compressing or leapfrogging transformations with untimely aspirations and expectations. Identifying and resolving educational and principal physical human health needs is paramount but difficult without life-long learning.

Human desires of achievement for continuing healthy and available physical attributes in geographies with variable compressed time frames have caused chaotic misunderstandings. Evaluation of valued and worthwhile solutions in different cultures worldwide is still rife with conflicting attitudes. The lack of experience to manage and operate urban growth and change is uncontrollable.

Facing this urban turmoil requires a steady and timely mobility transition as a priority in urban affairs. Practical measurement of Natures resources and the energy required for growing populations is paramount. Discovery of new mineral assets in balance with the right agricultural practices is important for future populations on every continent to develop new structural materials. Developing new non-fossil fuel energy toward finding and processing local substances for manufacturing in support of a new vision for jobs is important. Entertaining, searching and requiring such changes in all disciplines mindsets for substantive inquiry is only reached with appropriate decision-making.

There are four basic considerations for accomplishing mobility in regenerative design futures.

First, challenge the information technology to provide a 24/7 stream of data to inform citizens in local, regional and national geographies with “GEOSCOPES”.
Second, duplicate similar elections of “GENIUS CLUSTER” ministers for populations found in villages, towns, cities, regions and national capitals. (VTCR- NC) Obviation of the present blind focus on three legislative bodies with one individual who finally decides upon all national affairs of government control is not viable anymore.
Third, provide “CALM ROOMS” (not war rooms) in all VTCR-NC’s where citizen-leadership decision-making takes place daily.
Fourth, Combine corporations with academia in “STAKEHOLDER R&D LABORATORIES” to serve and communicate toward all VTCR- NC locational geographies.

This alternative concept requires a slight shift in the present organization status quo of Democratic urban operation and management. The numerous advantages expressly offer by an advanced solution toward a “bottom-up” rather than a “top-down” form of government control for advanced decision accomplishment is paramount.

The legislative process is revised for citizen representation granted into all “CALM ROOMS” for “GENIUS CLUSTER” ministers and the “STAKEHOLDER R&D LABORATORIES”. Each contains citizens for representation and decision-making choices served by the interface collaboration and integration of the “GEOSCOPE” network handling the information distribution.

As stated in Amendment 10 of the United States Constitution, (the powers are retained by the states and the people) — to quote, “ The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively or to the people”.

Graham Kaye-Eddie
m.u.d. © 11/25/17, 11/29/17 1183 words

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