Monday 22 January 2018


Many apartheid disciplines are nudging thought patterns together regarding networks and norms for possible commercial integration.

Visions of future mind-map connections are inspiring words into speculating about trends. Attempting to reach out to resolve the current socio/economic, technical and A possible prediction of “Commons” awareness for responsible stewardship of Earth is forthcoming.

The thoughts are conveniently captured in various word article constructs. Many aspects are recognized, worded, illustrated and more importantly, drawn together. A beginning movement in this general direction is encouraged. A future urbanity might be developed from these activities toward a positive growth and change pattern.

However, the general course or prevailing tendency in these matters is to drift. To be carried along downstream is to move or float aimlessly without a set course to be positioned for a purposeful direction. Moving upstream requires energy, imagination, originality, and inspiration to imperatively reassemble the resources of citizen intelligence and skills toward a positive future course way pattern.

Heralding such awareness and acknowledgment of gradual urban change in community affairs is vital for survival stewardship.

Maybe Ralph Waldo Emerson’s summons to stop conforming to the past, to develop ‘an original relation to the universe’ is the direction for future equilibrium for a biophilic and mobility networks to serve the urban footprint.

Creating resilient, sustainable, durable and adaptive villages, towns, cities regions and sovereign national capitals must advance in some form of unison together. Daily messages that citizens receive must counter many human fears brought about by the propaganda of corporate, academic and the politbureau. (C. A. P.) The standing positions and the tacit support of media journalism with C. A. P. must change for good over evil. Pervasive daily messages transmitting secret status quo repression strategies must be terminated to rather open up into a validated clear and truthful transparency.

Embedding even-handedness from the beginning that allows citizens the promise of defining project participation in their respective domains remains to be framed properly. Incentives and rewards in citizen trade exchange and investment priorities will encourage the capacity for enhancing each citizen positive contribution capabilities.

New private/public investment financing into partnerships for further innovation must support new businesses modeled to supercharge fresh industry developments that create additional job skills for invigorating the community.

Healthy human principles must be established for vibrant communities by design. Urban Design is the single holistic emergent discipline to process the emergence of healthy integration for placemaking.

Reimagining communities in villages, towns, cities, regions and sovereign nation capitals must focus on the citizen morals for acceptable urban change priorities. Mobility and energy system networks required must supplement the speed of IT communication flows and be converted into physical assets for carrying goods and people. The future of cities inevitable growth, therefore, shall include standards. proportions and distribution of scaled community organizations for management of citizen- leadership decision-choices.

Measured rewards of the possibility for ideas to be submitted by innovative citizen must be established. Incentives given for individual contribution must be clearly outlined. Introduction of citizen ideas into urban development, implementation and operation must be carefully evaluated. Rewards to individual or group contributions may then be offered in an appropriate manner.

A certified, measured and valued eco-district underwrites an equilibrium framework for local to global sustainability in a defined territory. Transitional man-made physical shifts of an idea and object insertion into reality is a practical matter for citizen decision-choices. All concepts conceived should achieve a better quality of life together. Each assessment and consequence resulting therefrom must be carefully weighed for short, medium and long-term impacts of urban growth and change.

Utopia is physically possible to accept human attainment with carefully evaluated technologies for incremental insertion. New evidence of human discoveries from the shadow of the present deeper disappointments, into the bright, confusing light of any new technologies must be acceptable. Reliance on rational, logical debate of human intelligence and skills is now in place with citizen-leadership decision-making. Communities are thus driven by politer choices that can mend present imperfections and facilitate advancement of alternative urban concepts.

Urban visionary exchanges between citizens have been contributed to gatherings of populations living in villages, towns, cities regions and sovereign national capitals for many thousands of years. As an individual one must not forget the never-ending treaty with the Creator of all things.

Granted to humans are superior intellectual and skill capabilities. Each living individual has the awesome responsibility for Earth’s stewardship. Successive human generations should desire to advance the doing of things of what was, is and what is to come.

Citizens need to take care of pressing urban problems together. Commitment to building community trust will bring relationships into good decision-making choices for Peace, Prosperity, and Liberty.

Graham Kaye-Eddie
m.u.d. © 11/2/17,11/3/17, 11/4/17 782 words

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