Monday 22 January 2018


Living individuals occupy space. Humans have certain weight and volume that changes from birth to death. Each human has a lifecycle. Citizens demand a safe volume for their short-term sojourn to converse, eat, drink, sleep, work and rest.

All living things found in Nature occupy space. Each organic object has a certain weight and volume that changes from its birth to death. Each living organism has a lifecycle. Animals demand a safe volume in which to eat, drink, sleep with mobility in indigenous environments. Natural vegetation seeds itself, then roots, shoots and provides certain measures of fruits for many shared ecological inter-relationships.

Human and the blessings of Nature’s gifts all share specific spatial distinctions and interrelationships. On sea and land, the flow of objects in motion is perpetual. All man-made objects for useful motion occupy space. From atoms observed in organic and mineral substances, the weave of interaction revealed to the eye by the microscope, are still mysteries to be understood. Materials found in the functions of human transportation and building structure technologies are still in their infancy.

Many objects display measured relationships of motion, distance and scale in a spatial environment for existence. They are held together in bonded substance relationships of energy, gravity, thermodynamics, and pressure, amongst many other invisible discoveries hidden from view.

The comments above is a preface for suggesting that a priority exists in building transportation linkages to serve villages, towns, cities, and regions of land areas spanning continents. A primary consideration for elevating mobility in spatial environments should be the “TAXING OF SPATIAL VOLUMES” that people occupy as well as spaces in which they move about in assigned corridors. These spatial volumes should be defined for the stability of citizen utility and for activation of citizen intermittent freedom of motion. These two formulas are immutable bonded principles for living together.

Spatial movements of the rotating earth itself in space, sunlight, and darkness, magnetic fields, flows of air, clouds and rains are life-cycle ingredients for human, flora and fauna survival.

Future survival on Earth requires responsible stewardship. Human intelligence and skills are advancing, bending and focusing toward holistic integration. This conscious awakening from re-structuring educational apartheid ending in disciplinary qualifications for permitted professional reality activity must be transformed. Community cooperation is a cohort for interdisciplinary action for future city creation.

The essence of citizen-leadership for decision-making purposes is to physically improve villages, towns, cities, regions and sovereign nation capitals. Applications derived from validated and tested information flows help to make wise decision choices for urban change.

The four cornerstone pillars proposed for an open urban design concept is to anticipate an improvement for transforming Democracy. The four pillars are namely “Genius Clusters”, “Geoscope”, “Calm Rooms” and “Stakeholder R&D Laboratories”.

These four entities are populated with thoughtful human activities for a fluidity of iterative connections to distribute the rapid interface of data transmissions into multiple communication devices. Finally, the recordation of community decisions promises a Mobius of debate, deliberation, reflection, and conclusion.

The transparency of choices made by citizen participation, contribution and awards are confirmed, seen, evaluated and recorded in the multiple tiers of all citizens engaged in villages, towns, cities, regions and sovereign nation capitals “Calm Rooms”.

Taxing, spending, trading, and investing ledgers become instant digital evidence of clarity for each “Commons” structural development. Avoiding both the prevalent top-down superiority and/or bottom-up failures in community decision-making is now open to all citizen participants in a firm reality.

Uniting citizens with Nature is a high calling. Integrating man-made, biophilic and ecological environmental relationships with a regenerative design is a paramount mission.
Responsible stewardship of generations to come for Earths survival means citizen consciousness toward cleansing and understanding the gospel of the flows of urban change.

Only then will Peace, Prosperity, and Liberty become a possibility.

Graham Kaye-Eddie
m.u.d. © 10/27/17, 10/28/17 628 words

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