Wednesday 21 February 2018


Governance, as it exists, does not serve citizens. The problem is found internally inside each individual leader who is entrenched with wickedness, dishonesty and broken promises in service of the citizens in California State, regional bodies, districts, cities, towns, villages, and homeowners associations.

In general, leaders defiance and misunderstanding of the roles amongst themselves and their constituents are not permitting clear involvement both in capitalism and democracy as it presently exists.

When disconnected laws supersede these hierarchies of government decision-making actions, each with different empowerments finds trouble inevitable. The action of each leader in policy decision-choices at the heart of each government entity is fraught with entanglement. Deception and misinterpretation of the Constitution for citizen freedoms and rights are again betrayed. Promises are broken with citizens that contravene and demonstrate misunderstandings for the honesty and truths sought in government edicts.

Large essential projects for the Republic of California’s future are poorly defined. The priority categories for many of these projects are fouled by litigious self-interests to maintain status quo. Fear predominates the risk, scale, magnitude, and cost of such unsecured urban visions.

Separation still rules the foreplay leadership competition for a win-lose sad ending with time-consuming fractious debates for such projects. Interdisciplinary focus towards the “Commons” for a holistic compromised agreement should ultimately create a win-win proposition. This has not happened as yet – regularly.

Recently the Metropolitan Water District announced a decision about the Delta Tunnel Project. One can be assured there are still hidden clauses for a further win-lose in the continuing saga to burden citizens by increasing future taxes.

The California Bullet High-Speed Train from the very beginning of its concept was a false approach to adopt an ancient technology. Prescribed with an estimated time period to reach two distant points is but another example of a false project promise that is now clearly not achievable. The hidden agenda was proposed to service the political convenience for easy travel between two of the largest government centers in the USA, These happenstances are a Mojave mirage. Now in the early construction process, recent media comments suggest onerous cost overruns and blown deadlines. Continuing evidence of another win-lose project for California citizens. The project is a boondoggle on the path to self-implosion.

Two above examples of large-scale projects lacking internal assessments and consequences by not listening or hearing citizen participation stand singly as a government need for malevolent control. The California Government political ideology has clearly misunderstood the socio/cultural, technology shifts prevalent in the private sector of Californians.

How does one change both the California government and citizen’s minds thinking about the urban futures? The time frame is a factor in making visionary decisions. Thinking about digital tools that validate data into proven information may hasten and firmly extend virtual simulations into reality. The future use of new tools for urban agreement results will help provide win-win solutions. The dearth of thinking about improving democratic decision-making with transparency is the responsibility of every man and every woman for a healthy California future urban environment.

New eco-boundaries must shed the hundreds of years old surveyor’s state, county, city divisions. Resetting them with current input from socio-cultural, biological, technical, knowledge realms will prevent political gamesmanship from continuing unabated. The stepladder of boundary transformation obviates bad political service for all citizens. Centrifugal flows of information fed into citizen-leadership decision-making into VTCR – SNC urban centers for future urban development and expansion is a valid concept worthy of serious examination. Each governance entity in VTCR – SNC holds similar authority in citizen-leadership-decision-making. Citizens in VTCR are now actors for contributions from the “bottom-up”. The Federal – SNC government are now actors diminished in authority from the “top-down”. Both are merged into an organized, interrelated and scaled open decision-choice partnership. Federal dominance must be dissipated to cede some oversight empowerments.

The formulas for the election of citizen-leaders must prevent gerrymandering of existing geographical map boundaries containing given population numbers for State and Federal representation. The open funding pattern for an election of citizen-leaders must be eliminated into another structure. The citizen voting system for two majority parties holds no positive political issue solutions. Results from this old complicated process have reached a legal stalemate. Lack of representation on issues of local relevance is avoided and usually ignored. Real monetary exchange values must be replaced with answers that rapidly resolve the declining paper dollar currency value as well as the enormous debt load burden per Californian.

California in 2016 had the unfortunate rank of 43rd in the United States of America in terms of debt load per taxpayer. ($21,000) California pension fund indebtedness ($255 Billion) lies at $100,000 per person. This is not sustainable. In addition, California is tardy in publishing the States comprehensive Annual Financial Report. California elected officials and a great number of following bureaucrats still find fit to impose the transfer of their unwise solutions as higher citizen tax burdens. Taxes placed indiscriminately on the rich, cigarettes, housing and utility bonds, water tunnels, high-speed rail and the Salton Sea restoration are confused and unwarranted. California’s future debts cannot be hidden from citizens or be avoided forever. When will government spending be maintained within the means of no more debt?

The large influential Silicon Valley Oligarchs have strange future urban visions. Spurned by greed and desires for unrestricted wealth accrual they have tacitly gained the support of government and media. Promoting their individual ghost companies, their separate competitive technology works with tacit support from Governance, the Internet, Radio and numerous Publications to create monopolies of wealth. The majority of Americans no longer trusts this Corporate, Academic, Political (C.A.P.) allegiance with media broadcasting their affairs in lockstep.

Bringing together a future alternative urban mission to support a path of hope for citizen expectations should focus on the unity of purpose in “Commons” rather than the C.A.P’s present divisive, failing and separate status quo scenarios.

The quality of information for citizen-leaders decision-making can be positively streamed to “Genius Clusters and Calm Rooms”. Separating the political from the corporate and academic realm has the advantage of creating an independent series of “Stakeholder R&D Laboratories” scaled to villages, towns, cities, regions and sovereign national capitals? (VTCR- SNC) The input and output for citizen-leadership decision-making will now be transmitted to appropriately scaled “Geoscope” installations to citizens both residing in VTCR- SNC urban centers.

The Geoscope is a physical sphere that will be placed and seen daily as a focus of visual information related to all VTCR- SNC decision-choices. The outside of the sphere will visually stream flows of pertinent information of VTCR- SNC activities 24/7. The inside of the sphere will stream the movement of the heavens in relation to the geographic location of the “Geoscope” latitude, longitude intersection.

Bringing together an ongoing presence for all local inhabitants of current needs to meet, debate, find relationships, discuss solutions, make choices for safety in daily activities, is accompanied by life-long learning toward sharing of mutual wisdom for urban futures.

Awareness of citizen’s position in collaboration of VTCR- SNC mind map patterns for citizen-leadership decision-making must be confirmed. Broadcasting validated information must holistically promote, inform, reflect and serve citizens.

Inventing and openly sharing positive alternative urban visions concepts, ideas may be difficult to define. Strategies and tactics for new stories must be written for widespread appeal to a local, national and global audience.

The vibrancy gained from individuals working in groups toward creating the “Commons” means a measured compromise for the good of all participants at large as well as for environmental harmony. The outcome of these deliberations to integrate a pursuit of “doing right” is important for urban futures. Assessment and consequence evaluation of design solutions in generating energy, mobility, and urban habitat will in the long term create better living conditions for all citizens.

Words alone cannot build cities. Words and layered illustrations are only a “frozen in place” at the beginning. Translating two into three dimensions to create living volumes in a variety of spatial environments is achievable. Setting these three-dimensional spatial volumes into a framework of variable patterns for virtual observation in continuous motion from above, below, around and inside objects is a practical process for future urban simulations. Streamed videos and/or documentaries are the missing link from urban designers for generations of “eye candy” created for urban future optional choices.

Today these visual simulations are achievable. Directing a dynamic urban three-dimensional presentation with sound, music, and voices from the guidance of an imaginative story thread becomes a vibrant motion picture. This media can then transmit an alternative valuable vision of a future urban three-dimensional environment in harmony with Nature.

Revealing an individual or team expression for a three-dimensional visionary urban world is only formed with a spinal guide that combines a theme to be explored. With firm direction and organization that is supported by “morphed” intelligence, skill and tools become the genesis of alternative urban visions. The fruits of such collaboration should bring about a beautiful and influential result.

The spine of any imaginative urban future requires the holistic integration of energy, transportation, and habitation. Summarized simply in four points as follows: –

ENERGY == Measurement of all mankind’s made organic and mineral products from resource extraction to integration of manufacturing, assembly integration and distribution for a time period of useful utilization is critical. All man-made products should be measured with calculations in kcal/km/per/person.

TRANSPORTATION == A point-to-point pedestrian access to portals are also included a variety of other electric vehicles that provide a purpose for a mixed-use transportation system. An evacuated tubular magnetic levitation empowerment system should be capable of both manual control and autonomous performance.

HABITAT == A recognition of Nature’s geometries for an omnidirectional integration framework of spatial ownership must reduce energy use and distances of network connections. Calculated measures of proportionate mixed-use land use utilization follow. These land areas also prescribe ratios for urban footprint density adoption, a green network with biophilic distances and mobile network to serve the urban footprint, agriculture and plantation/forest in a proposed equilibrium.

DESIGN == Regenerative and distributive population settlements require many materials and a sensibility for durability and a frugal self-sustenance. A triumvirate goal must be reached in generating sufficient energy, mobility capacity and — structures. Such materials should ideally be found in the chosen habitat eco-location. This is not always possible. Fast delivery of the necessary parts and pieces required for city building are often acquired from other areas blessed with historic resources, invention, and skills of manufacturing. An inventory of different materials and products for construction comes from distant places and far-reaching continents.

Acceptance of a determined population magnitude with additional seasonal incoming temporary tourists requires a population census and statistical estimates. Observations based upon the reciprocal value of organic and mineral deposits found inside the eco-state indigenous environment or outside the region, national or continental boundaries must also be measured by assessments and consequences.

Extreme, wild and eclectic approaches to urban design storytelling will arise. Historical memories of city planning and design stand little chance of properly meeting the dignity of the constitution and human rights in the Republic of California.

Many disciplines must begin to collaborate in mind map assemblies from the bevy of earthly disciplines, heaven astrologists, sociologists, physicists and many other disciplines who might call themselves scientists in biology, ecology, politics, and economics and other things that seem to matter for appropriate solutions. Each must form a mind map to contribute toward looking ahead into a holistic emerging digital depiction of a suitable “Commons” for subsequent commercial integration and rewards.

Urban stories will unfold from many individuals and teams toward urban fairness, evenhandedness, and justice tempered by ethics for a state of equilibrium. The questions, solutions and final choices come from citizen-leadership and require support from many sources. Therefore data politics for problem-solving must be vetted information for rightful choices. In principle, they are sourced from six “W” queries. Who is involved? What happened? When did it take place? Where did it take place? Why did that happen? Will it be maintained for operation? To implement each urban vision into reality these “W” inquiries should test the resolve for community acceptance.

Each urban approach unleashed for problem-solving is the storyboard of a virtual mind map. A great number of modeling systems are used by different disciplines. Desktop simulations, algorithms, mathematics drive specific objective ideals. Integrating urban futures with modeling to serve reality must be questioned by each participating discipline. Modeling utility for usefulness only lasts for a specific time period to then be refined or canceled. Assessments and consequences must be critically measured for reinforcing and/or balancing feedback. Measures of overshoot or undershoot must mark the concept conversion acceptability to reality as a sequential process that is bad, unsatisfactory, satisfactory or good.

The concern of the multitudes of sharing roles is based upon a limited and confined outlook to energy, transport, for urban barter and exchange. This will freely come into place with a new technological mobility system connecting the dots of alternative VTCR-SNC formed about “Geoscopes” and “Calm Rooms”. These urban centers will provide a new network for the intersection of the continuous flow in an urban adventure. Adam Smith suggested adding other subjective considerations to objective measures such as “humanity, justice, generosity and public spirit………. for qualities most useful to others” Actions speak louder than words. The community, however, must evaluate and invest in human intelligence, skill and estimate the time taken to turn ideas into information. Streamed information toward Geoscopes that proves to be worthwhile for and after each urban concept introduction has to be strictly evaluated for its worth. This aspect requires community consideration for a commensurate reward given for valid idea insertion.

Future urban story approaches must acknowledge the communities’ needs in both biological and technical nutrients input/output throughout abnormality and conventionality. Materials used must regenerate captive community. Material values at each stage of decomposition must be measured and bar-coded. Both should minimize the use of water, loss of matter and thermal exchanges. Restoration of biological nutrients is an essential responsibility for following generational stewardship in capturing Earth’s abundance and tending it with utmost care. Restoration of technical inventions deserves more proficient extraction and conversion processes of minerals. Measurements require regular exacting revisions. In addition to the six W’s – being attended to, the eight R’s – repair, reuse, refurbish, recycle, revive, rebuild, re-map and re-value should be carefully examined by organizations, management, and operations.

A mind map for an ideal city vision must first choose an advanced technological transportation system to serve a new urban framework on a triangular based platform. The land-use areas consist of networks of biophilic green spaces, road/utility corridors, pedestrian pathways, agricultural fields, and forest inside an indigenous environmental setting. Land-use areas are proportionately measured from modeled population estimates. Land-use ratios are calculated for an urban footprint, of green spaces, agriculture/pastures, and forest/plantation areas. Further, the critical dynamics of the Geoscope deserve introduction for community information display. Using Natures 3D spatial geometric strategies for design together with application of a citizen- leadership decision-making governance system is paramount. The most important issue of all, however, is the evaluation of community decision-making choices and rewards for citizen contributions.

Graham Kaye-Eddie
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