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All physical cities have an evolution or dissolution. Archeological civilization findings of ruins in past times are numerous. Present city implementation is in desperate need of revision. Revelations for cleansing Earth begins with individual understandings. Assimilating the present vast knowledge expansion into a geographically integrated holistic vision is paramount for humanities urban survival. All cities have one common factor – people need mobility for all input and output flow functions.

The flows that support life on Earth are extraordinary. There are millions of years not fully modeled or understood by clustered civilizations. Yet a closer intelligent examination of watersheds is a responsibility to be mapped. Macro and Micro ecological boundaries can be determined. Let’s shed the old land survey boundaries dividing the land into States. Redefinition of the macro/micro ecological areas that enable indigenous environments to thrive must be mapped.

Once these (invisible) land boundary areas are outlined a determination of the basic and essential value of all the sunny, windy and rainy conditions that will adjoin findings of water, mineral and organic elemental resources become an essential knowledge recordation. Each element must be assigned a measurement with value. It is these markers that will help define appropriate settlements with ecology.

A fresh change to our Democracy requires a slight of hand shift in reorganization. The present information technology capability provides rapid transmission of data to and from numerous electronic devices. This offers an opportunity for streaming visual displays of conditions pertinent to both heaven and earth into a specific latitude/longitude location for citizen-leadership visualization.

Capturing this data flow requires conversion into relevant useful information of a specific geography for citizen-leadership. Citizen-leadership requires four layers of elected “Genius Clusters” of Ministers in each geographic location. The four hierarchy tiers are found in a National Eco-City-State, many other Eco-City-States at the macro level as well as towns and villages at micro levels. Further “Stakeholder R&D Laboratories” also elect Ministers to exchange local product and service needs for evaluation.

All citizens are served by scaled “Geoscopes” placed in sight for all citizens within walking and visual reach to observe a 24/7 lighthouse presenting important matters impacting local daily life activities. The purpose is to link the welfare of humankind wherever they are situated with a “bottom-up” decision-making matrix. Awareness of decision-making effecting Eco-City-State, Towns and Village inhabitants is now united in urban-affairs for equitable development and implementation.

The common factor for all community decision-making is to be fully aware of other communities also making similar decisions on daily life circumstances. Connected the whole sovereign nation for purposes of communicating together in properly conducted debates on issues of what really matters.

The categories adjudicated for human life evolution for all fourteen elected Ministers are;
1.0 Minister of Spiritual Matters;
2.0 Minister of Population Demographics;
3.0 Minister of Land/Ocean Utilization;
4.0 Ministry of Information and Communication;
5.0 Minister of Human Survival Needs;
6.0 Minister of Energy Needs;
7.0 Minister of Monetary Exchange;
8.0 Minister of Technology Evaluation;
9.0 Minister of Mobility Flows;
10.0 Minister of Structures;
11.0 Minister of Waste;
12.0 Minister of Justice, Security, and Safety;
13.0 Minister of Ecological and Habitat Harmony;
14.0 Minister of Evaluation Grade.

“Infospheres” and “Technosphere” transmit new data to all “Geoscopes.” It is the elected Ministers in “Calm Rooms” that make astute informational decisions about the “Biosphere” and “Urbansphere” for harmony with evaluation grades. The elected citizen-leadership “Genius Cluster” and “Stakeholder R&D Laboratories” Minister’s will interactively deliberate outcome actions. Holistic integration answers to serve mobility and green networks enable citizens in physical settlements an open transparency of village, town and city affairs. Taken into account about the roundtable of Ministry decisions must also attend to internal assessment impacts and non-harmful external consequences.

Present villages, towns, and cities have been designed one dimensionally. 2D Zoning as presently instituted does not work satisfactorily. 3D zoning promises a smaller urban footprint land area coverage. Mixed-use spatial volume distribution into layered floors of 15 or more stories high is acceptable. Ownership of these “air right” spaces on the variety of floor levels is directly associated with the proportional land area attachment to a nearby biophilic environment reality.

Determinants of the urban footprint area to mobility and a green network, agricultural/pasture with forest/ plantation land areas depend on the Eco-City-State geographic location. The green, agricultural and forestry land areas can be determined by what is grown for the population nutritional needs in adjacency. To absorb bad air produced by human activities and to clean a reciprocal volume of air a forest/plantation is recommended on the outskirts.

The proportionate Eco-City-State land area estimated at this time for illustration purposes are demonstrated in Starkore City and is shown as a ratio area of one urban footprint to six agricultural to fifteen forest/plantation.

The Physical Framework for Villages, Towns, and Eco-City-States is created upon a triangular network. Rather than a rectangular grid underlay adopted by present city structures a newly formed triangular plane as a geometrical and mathematical platform is founded. Linking this network with 3D spatial volumes above offers a new tessellation adopting Natures polygonal principles.

Connecting the underlying topography with polyhedral geometric volumes above offer a greater variety of symmetrical and structural efficiencies. Subsequent integration of space filling combinations for Platonic and Archimedean polyhedra opens up a new world of beautiful alternatives. The genesis is both distinct with added and extractive flexible opportunities for spatial growth and change. This is a way to integrate the geometries of Nature with man-made polygonal structures that in grain mathematical practicality.

If one observes the value of water in our earthly system an amazing geometry is revealed in the extraordinary snowflake. Created with pressure, temperature and water each snowflake presents a geometry unimagined by mankind. Beginning with a solid frozen core each spine radiates outward in six directions. Along each spine pathway, the volume is reduced to a finer ending point. Each individual ice spines in a snowflake have different volumes and shapes that extend outward creating a terminal ending that defines a hexagonal outer boundary. The areas in between the spines are air spaces.

The formation of one snowflake is a miracle amongst an uncountable number of others that reveal a different design. No snowflake has ever been photographed that has the same pattern of design. The size can vary from as much as eight inches in girth to minute powder dust. Created at varying altitudes in air together with gravity the snowflake flexes and descends to alight and cover terrain with a beautiful mantle of glistening white. Imagine if this gift of geometry appearance that Nature has provided becomes an opportunity to set a land-plan and grow man-made structures as a strategy for village, town and city design, no designer is without an inspirational beginning.

The equilateral triangle is the golden proportion. The proposal for adaptation onto alternative earthly topologies with a triangular network to then link above with polyhedral spatial structural volumes is an answer. The proposed framework for city designers is thus established for many alternatives. The snowflake offers a myriad of alternatives for aggregating spatial volumes. This prognosis will offer all designers a fresh synthesis for alternative villages, towns, and cities.

There are distinct differences in the continental geographic location of socio cultural civilization settlements. Each offers specific nurturing patterns of agricultural practices for self-sustenance. That is why enjoyment of travel is so prevalent beyond curiosity of socio/cultural place, buildings, and language differences in daily living models. It is also the differences found in substances prepared for edibles around the table. There is the aroma, and taste of different kinds of edible food preparation. Cultural offerings come from seeds, animals, fruits, and spices originating from their environments.

Human health analytics of food intake is the formulae for nutritional standards. The declaration of daily energy requirements extends life’s activities for age longevity. The land area relationship between intake amounts requires good soil, land area, rainfall and the sunshine above the labor for seeding, nurturing, sowing, harvesting, and preparation to bring food to the table for feeding hungry mouths. Food production combines energy, labor with knowledge given to exercise its raising for sustenance. This cannot be ignored as it brings ancient knowledge for daily individual survival needs.

Careful measures of land area requirements for each crop as well as the energy expended in distances for food transportation, distribution, preparation, and storage remains a critical factor for populations located in villages, towns, and cities. Weather variability, crop failures, good seasons – bad seasons are all dependent on Natures cycles.

Overcoming food vulnerability is a prime consideration for humankind’s survival. Agriculture must, therefore, become an integral part of land area adjacency inside the eco-city-state with the proposed evolution of the urban footprint.

Choices have been made between AC and DC electricity generation. Future choices made with chemical mixes of elements for structural material must also attend to long-term human health. Concrete has negatively impacted human health with its mix of elements. Although concrete durability has founded structures that last for a considerable amount of years, steel reinforcing with concrete is prone to rust and cause structural failure.

Search for future alternative resources for chemical mixes should be a paramount R&D endeavor. Finding mineral and fiber resources to improve structures must be invented. Mixes of basalt, silica, with fibers such as industrial hemp, and magnesium oxide promise better strength, durability and far less critical toxic impacts on humans. A search for internal finishes is also a demand. Fast growing Paulownia and Bamboo offer excellent manufacturing for interior finishes as well as for secondary products.

Further considerations for assembly-disassembly of structurally sound products; AI and Robotic manufacturing; lightweight composites; maintenance and operation; all are energy costs from mine resource for usability in the shelter must be accounted. Molecular visions and clarity of chemically mixing results of certain compounds to produce selected man-made elements are a critical urban mission for manufacturing.

The “cradle to cradle” insight for regeneration of materials is crucial for positive maintenance of future organic life cycles on Earth. Anything invented in this essential sphere of carbon material innovation must safely dissolve back into their atomic molecular elements.

Given to us all are two feet on which to walk. This is the primary form of mobility. Daily distances have been reduced to walking hardly anywhere. Utilization of other forms of land transportation is preferred. From muscle power of horses, mules, donkeys, and camels to fossil fueled bicycles, scooters. motorcycles, cars, trucks, aircraft, ships, and spacecraft are now used to get places.

The requirements for new mechanical motion needs many support elements. Starting with a smooth surface on which to travel. The mobility is contained in a defined spatial corridor for travel convenience. Fossil fuel energy drives the vehicle for measured distances. Each vehicle carrying the weight of the vehicle itself and of goods or people provides for specific performance capabilities. All vehicles allow for the flows of distance from start to finish. The provisions for refueling along the way extend flows from desired point-to-point destinations. This is similar to an individual consuming food and water to walk distances from start to finish.

Infrastructure is organized and commonly understood as a network of public services. It is a mixed-use service system that provides energy, water, gas, pedestrian, bicycle, vehicle pathways, roadways, runways, railways, dock platforms and pads for helicopters. Each mechanical device manufactured, however, also requires storage, parking, sales, parts, and maintenance service areas. The conflict between all these areas required for modes of travel and their rest areas while not in use still exists.

The importance of flows of objects, fluids, perishable and emergency products with respect to distance is the ultimate point to-point exchange. Consider the distance from an energy generation source via distribution lines to a residence or commercial and other users. Are roadway vehicles as efficient as electricity, gas, and water utility transmission? How much energy is wasted by each utility in a performance comparison?

Commuting distance from home to work and the time taken to reach the destination can be approximated depending on driving competence skills, weather conditions and lane capacities without accidents. An alternative mechanical choice of travel from Los Angeles to Sacramento via aircraft for a meeting with State Government might be accurately estimated. A voyage from the port of Long Beach Port leaving at sunset for an early morning arrival at the port of Vancouver Port on a Cruise Ship takes many hours yet allows for a comfortable sleep along the way. Transporting a container of equine semen from Los Angeles to Calgary, Canada is possible. All have different pricing and energy consumption statistics.

All these mechanical vehicles for travel have common factors beginning with communication for control of passage. They all extend the need for greater fossil fuel energy use depending on the alternative transportation mode. Pricing alternatives for carrying people and goods, on a technological conveyance system inside a marked travel corridor whether in the air, on the ocean, on steel wheels or rubber tires are but a finger touch away with a cell phone touch for a transportation booking.

The differences for travel alternatives are where the object comes from and where it is dispatched to for a specific purpose. This covers different distances for alternative ways to reach a destination end point. Reverse flows are also significant for distances transmitting solid and liquid waste in utility lines. All flows are in principle contained in different “Pipelines.” Mechanical robots have reduced walking distances as it were, to rather be used as a convenience with a bicycle, scooter, motorcycle, car, truck, aircraft, ship and/or spacecraft. Some flows are steady, some are halted, or continue and some return to the original starting point and some never return. Autonomous flows are also possible with new technological applications.

These transportation technologies are in dire need of transformation to something far more efficient in performance, speed and utility to reach a destination in the shortest possible time – safely. Imagine a new mobility system presenting such a capability that is well integrated into a village, town, and Eco-City-State.

The best condition would be to make pedestrian paths friendly again not only to acknowledge people of different ages toddling, walking, running or wobbling but also for health reasons. If these pathways offer the pedestrian access to a portal where boarding a capsule alone, with family or friends enables one to reach Beijing for a business meeting in within four hours, would this improve mobility? A transportation concept for wheelchair travelers, small electric vehicles, and a capsule to transport luggage and samples for the business presentation proposal is possible.

Changes in the way future villages, towns, and cities develop will grow to adopt pedestrian pathways as a safe utility function. This will spread to all sovereign nations. The expected change in transportation offering mixed-use accessibility for wheel chair bound passengers, two person lightweight electric vehicles, scaled goods palette’s to enter the capsules will create numerous jobs. A major transformation will take place in many different industries for manufacturing mobility parts and pieces, as well as, the assembly for construction and the operation and maintenance of the entire system with control rooms to support communication.

Adaptation to the geometries and portal placements of the evacuated tube transportation technologies is to arrange 3D spatial structures starting with acceptable pedestrian distances integrating the entire urban design for habitation.

Attention must also be paid to all public corridors for mobility in travel including feet, wheels, and utility service inputs and outputs causing a revival in urban development and implementation to transition from existing status quo patterns. Shorter distances, fewer service lengths, reduced cost burdens will help a happier people to express their regained freedom of movement.

Every human eats daily and functions after absorbing nutrients for energy survival proceeds to periodically evacuate their bowels. Toilet technology in civilized countries is not a worldwide phenomenon.

Human health is predicated upon two core functions – input and output. Both are critical for human survival. Clean land, air, food/fiber is essential for humankind’s intake. Urine and excrement must be taken care of better than ever before and cannot be called a “Chinese or Japanese” night soil deposit! This was an acceptable practice in small villages of the past. Today population migration of vast numbers into cities requires a concentrated R&D program to resolve the problem. NASA still has not resolved the total breakdown of outputs from astronauts into atomic molecules.

Restoration, redevelopment, and remediation are only one side of policy creation for urban design. American Petro-topia is continuing to manufacture chemical products from petroleum. However, coal and petroleum industries offer their resource extractions for thermoplastics, like polystyrene, that can be melted, remolded and reused. In the US only about seven per cent of post-consumer plastics actually gets recycled. In the USA, such places are called Redemption Centers. Market dynamics have incentivized relocation of many such facilities to China and the Middle East. American petrochemical companies are beginning to regrow their industry. Plasticity could well be the ironic answer to the environmental dilemmas we now face after more than a century of Petro-chemistry.

What is the other side of the plasticity policy arguments that prevail? The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has confirmed the presence of at least 200 (from a possible 80,000-100,000) industrial chemicals INSIDE Americans. Scientists do not know exactly what their combined toxic mix presence means for future mankind.

Americans know full well about their yards where grass stains have been traded for turf burns and gardens landscaped with polyethylene boulders and fake but colorful plant imitations.

Rebecca Altman questions; “how to reconcile plastics as both life-altering and life-giving as practically inseparable from the practice of modern healthcare. We are past the point of simple dichotomies such as good/bad, nature/plastic, innocent/complicit. Plastics swirl in the oceans’ major gyres. In places, microplastics out number plankton. And she adds a new kind of rock, found recently in Hawaii. Neither plastic nor stone, plastiglomerates are a composite of melted plastics, marine debris, and volcanic rock.”

The following provides further evidence of the enormous plastic waste problem confronting the next generation;
1.0 Surgeons are dependent on plastics tubing conveyed breath and nourishment.
2.0 Plastic additives have come to live in us – in our bloodstreams, and even in our mother’s milk. Plastic is part of our inheritance
3.0 Many species of plants exhibit adaptive plasticity.
4.0 Negative effect of plastics is already impacted our brain capacities to think rationally and logically.
5.0 Plastic is death. They are the fourth realm, neither originating in animal, vegetable or mineral. They are among the only complex molecules made of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen that do not benefit life in any way.
6.0 Industrial ecologists demand acknowledgment that petrochemical manufacturers are members of a biotic community, in constant, mutual exchange with all cycles, systems and living beings around it.
7.0 Lamarck’s theory, long relegated to the dustbin of science, held, among other things, ‘that the environment can directly alter traits, which are then inherited by generations to come’.

Individual citizen-leadership must with “Stakeholder R&D Laboratories” reverse these changes or change as citizens themselves to accommodate them. D. Sam Scheele in 1970 commented that “Los Angeleno’s are already accommodating genetic changes just living in LA by breathing in unhealthy air.”

Are alternative urban design options out there of waste riddance or regeneration for cleanliness and better health in villages, town, and cities? One recommendation is to start small with trash pickers manually doing the work. However, there is a growing resistance to informal trash collection in communities where incomes and living standards are high. There is a concern that some waste is processed by centers that lack environmental certification and fail to dispose of trash properly. More transparency and accountability about an unregulated “gray area” of the economy is of great concern.

Getting to the cause of the problem is to radically alter the way package design is practiced and processed with material envelopes that cause no ecological harm. One huge infrastructure start for the urban design of villages, towns, and city futures is not the way to begin. Who will engineer an incremental way to process small scaled supportive installations for waste matter efficiencies?

Daily media transmission promotes stressful interpretations of current happenings locally and around the world. This empowerment has the responsibility to forward journalists interpretation of affairs. The bias chosen for reporting daily notable incidents is the transmission of fear. These small “byte” story lines are designed to capture observers with their streamed “live” breaking news captured interpretations. The fake or truthful news is left in the mind of the individual observer to interpret instant legitimacy.

These continuous communicative global and local onslaughts of visual reality in this virtual TV format is forcefully unraveling human affairs. Posturing negativity rather than positive messages are the rules for medias subtle control.

Further worsening these daily hypnotic occurrences are the conditions found in the realms of Justice, Safety, and Security. Justice is concerned with both individual behavior and treatment to further peace with a genuine concern for people. Connected with police on the beat, and an order of appointed judges from boundary districts marked at local, state and federal locations is intertwined with the supreme court of the country. Safety is the condition of being protected from or unlikely to cause danger, risk, or injury. Security is the state of being free from danger or threat by a police force.

Implicit in these three words descriptions is the reality that civilizations human duality has both good and evil in their midst. Trials and appeals with judge and jury are not swift. Pronouncing sentences for imprisonment or the death sentence can plead for clemency (disposition to be merciful and especially to moderate the severity of punishment due) to the President of the United States. If mercy fails execution takes place.

Maybe dispute resolution activities need to be physically closer to citizens in villages, towns, and cities. The “Geoscopes” and “Calm Rooms” offer a greater awareness of citizen-leadership decision-making for all ages in continuing life-long learning. Community pedestrian accesses of short distances to access these facilities that include the courthouse, prison, and police facility may tilt the duality of reality findings for truth above evil.

“Man’s capacity for justice makes democracy possible, but man’s inclination to injustice makes democracy necessary.” Reinhold Niebuhr, Theologian (1892-1971)

Learning from history about creating boundaries with a hasty partition by British Royalty between India and Pakistan’s political leaders have contributed to sad reminiscing 70 years later. Disastrous consequences ensued and to this year 2017, they still have not been resolved over Jammu and Kashmir.

Ecology is the branch of biology that deals with the relations of organisms to one another and to their physical surroundings. The word also is a political movement that seeks to protect the environment, especially from pollution. The business definition refers to ecology as a branch of biology that attempts to understand the relationship between living organisms and their environment and the associated energy flows. A little one sided when a self-sustaining community of independent organisms (plants, insects, worms, animals, and humans) all interface with both natural and man-made environments. The provision of the food chain through which energy flows is the primary linkage between all living things,

There is, therefore, a balance to be struck between ecology and habitat. The bonded relationship must discern between systemic crises and recovery as best it can. This links the “Eco-sphere,” “Technosphere,” “Urban-sphere” with citizen-leadership decision-making or “Government-sphere.” Assessments between old agreements of Sovereignty, Currency, Banking, Asset-price correction, Mobility, Communication and other characteristics are all in some form of transition to be measured and illustrated.

The Acquest Urban Design proposal will take some time to place into reality. However integrated decisions between all citizens are the future secret for splendid city building. Citizen minorities are spectators of growing knowledge and stand outside of decision involvement as to what is being generated or decided upon by Corporations, Academics, and the Politbureau. (C.A.P.)

The debate is central to urban political and philosophical life. It informs, molds and circumscribes human existence. However, the Democratic process has been warped in favor of top-down leadership. Life in this 21st Agora has left the citizen observing as an outsider the continual haranguing’s and decision-making of the elected leadership and a huge bureaucratic passive following with little value for collective upward social mobility futures. Observing the media’s disintegrated interpretation of substance allows citizens to momentarily step outside this polis. Judging the altercations without stepping into violence itself is at this time prevalent to the majority of citizens. How long these circumstances will persist requires sensitivity to of citizens to stem future rage.

Ecology and Habitat are still in the experimental stage. Where do thoughtful future changes come from? Is it a combination of intelligent bottom-up choices or top-down mandates? My prayer is that urban futures become a private-public purposeful cooperative association.

To quote David Livingstone Smith “our most personal daily experience acquaints us with ideas that come into our head, we know not from where, and with intellectual conclusions arrived at, we do not know how.”

Urban decision-making is the crux of incapability to making human well-being choices to advance city building.

The brilliance of past Governance organizations in many ways has created an undesirable systemic partnership between Corporations, Academics and the Politbureau (C.A.P.) for dominance and control of their tacit self-interests. From Mediaeval times to the 21st century the status quo environment in which villages, towns, and cities are created, developed and implemented remains the sphere of C.A.P. dominance.

The science and invention for improvement of business with mathematical algorithms; digital data; and Artificial Intelligence should manifest in and turn to a sophisticated evaluation grading of the values found in both Nature and Citizens. Contributions made by citizens not only with inventiveness but also with operation/maintenance of daily vigilance in villages, towns, and cities should be rewarded proportionately.

Cities have been and will be the crucible of massively transformative purpose for socio/cultural constructs. The ideal earthly city is not like a promised heavenly city. Heaven is a continuing city of mystery, possible inheritance, undefiled, unfading and incorruptible in a timeless space continuum. Earthlings seek continuing cities as wise stewards waiting seasonally for early and late rains to produce food and fruit from the earth for life sustenance. The earth’s mysterious natural flows still operate perfectly yet do not tarry for mankind to fulfill all best-determined desires without serious consequences. Urban design guidelines matter for settlement. Citizen-leadership has to light righteous pathways for balanced city development to respect ecological environments.

An individual is but a wrinkle in time and casts a fleeting shadow. Words, songs, and sketches live for a while and then they disappear. Cities live longer for population inhabitants and then fade away or are buried by a catastrophic force of Nature.

However, urban design is thought as the seed; pencil on paper records the abstract; policy defines the language; the graphic is the depiction; cost estimate is the value; blossom is the concept; action is the fruit behind it.

What is your individual contribution to successive generational inheritance in village town and city building? Remember in our urban future everyone will be judged by the Creator of all things.

Graham Kaye-Eddie
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