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Individual decision-making is the most important human faculty to improve for progress in citizen’s stewardship of Earth. From the individual making choices in marriage, there are no manuals on how to do it well, other than following traditions. Yet this duality happens now in almost every country, nation, tribe, culture, and community – and certainly the civilized ones – throughout the world.

If the connections between man and wife are difficult to think about how complicated is it working with leadership? Leadership comes in many different forms. Corporations are formulae for businesses. Academics create philosophies and theories, while Bureaucracy serves Politicians who create laws and regulations. (C.A.P.)

Expecting citizen-leadership for future urban design futures is a daunting task. All our industries for life are in continual change. Connectivity is the key in information generation for decisions. Faced with enormous quantities of data, should cause ease of understanding and use for all citizens. Data examined for information evaluation should obviate or provide clear choices in many daily matters of carbon footprint.

The rise of information technology impacts all decision makers. It is hard to see and make decisions that indicate differences between individual self-interest or the impact of groups for public good. Sustainability for a cleansing Earth is the challenge for human and environmental survival.

The merger of this decision-making duality represents a vital set of integrated elements for humanities evolution. The gravitational influence that funnels citizens between biology to science understanding should prompt a new mobility and settlement formation above that of climate change fears. It is the city and indigenous environment that requires intelligent renewal.

The convergence of this unity can no longer fall under the direction of a single “prime leader.” American forefathers invention of our Democracy is in need of deep investigation and alteration. Daily evidence cast almost instantly by media to all devices before the eyes of populations is causing citizens to lose faith in their elected leaders. Politicians are out of distance, out of time, out of touch and out of mind with citizens.

The courage to create an alternative citizen-leadership decision-making unit requires shifts of elected leaders into four proposed domains. “Genius Clusters,” – “Geoscopes,” – “Calm Rooms, ” – “Stakeholders R&D Laboratories.” Federal Eco-City-State, added to many other Eco-City-States elect Ministers in “Genius Clusters” to serve all Eco-City-States, Towns, and Villages.

“What lies at the heart of every living thing is not a fire, not warm breath, not a ‘spark of life.’ It is information, words, instructions,” Richard Dawkins declared in 1986.” The information technology today is woven into a communications network, transmitting and receiving, coding and decoding at great speeds.

The end results are displayed 24/7 in “Geoscopes.” The sources of information interaction are now leveled for citizen’s involvement. The opportunity to insert their thoughts of needs versus wants into the interplay of aspiring and nurturing good stewardship is now possible about there own place on Earth.

“Jacques Monod, the Parisian biologist who shared a Nobel Prize in 1965 for working out the role of messenger RNA in the transfer of genetic information, proposed an analogy: just as the biosphere stands above the world of nonliving matter, so an “abstract kingdom” rises above the biosphere. The denizens of this (new) kingdom? IDEAS.”

The American neurophysiologist Roger Sperry quote; “ Ideas cause ideas and help evolve new ideas. They interact with each other and with other mental forces in the same brain, in neighboring brains, and thanks to global communication, in far distant, foreign brains. And they also interact with the external surroundings to produce in toto a burstwise advance in evolution that is far beyond anything to hit the evolutionary scene yet.”

Memes (cultural characteristic passed down generations) emerge in citizen’s brains and travel outward, establishing beachheads on paper, celluloid, silicon, video streaming and community decisions made with citizens in “Genius Clusters,” – “Calm Rooms, ” – “Stakeholders R&D Laboratories.”

“Geoscopes,” offer neutrality of information display as a technical hub.

Memes are complex units, distinct and memorable—units with staying power. “A meme,” Dennett says, “is an information-packet with attitude.” When one speaks of fighting for an (urban design) principle or dying for a (citizen) idea, one may be more literal than one knows. Climate change is not the principle core of change driven by fear amongst populations in present cities. It is the arising factor of citizen awareness and as well as in the minds of people immigrating into existing city realms for the purpose of seeking jobs, safety, and family procreation.

This century is the age of information “virality”: viral education, viral marketing, viral e-mail and viral video networking. Researchers and citizens mutually “studying” the Internet itself as medium—crowdsourcing, collective attention, social networking and resource allocation employ not only the language but also the mathematical principles of algorithms toward studying information from citizen origins to its viral spread. The impacts and consequences are extreme and uncontrollable.

This proposal brings an attempt to coordinate relevant information for the future of citizen-leadership decision-making in urban realms. The streaming of information technology for citizen consideration is available 24/7 to comply with substantive local content displayed both inside and outside of Buckminster Fuller’s geodesic dome, the “Geoscope.” These structural spheres can be placed according to scale and position in Villages, Towns, and Eco-City-States.

Consider Washington DC as a re-established Eco-City-State. Many other such newly defined Eco-City-States will be located nationally in the USA. To stem the vulnerability found in the principles of daily living together, citizens must face proportional uses of the land area given to urban footprint, mobility and green networks. Similar land area proportions must also pervade towns and villages.

There is a difference between a “huddle” and a “scrum.” The “Genius Clusters” – “Calm Rooms” and “Stakeholders R&D Laboratories” are associated with fourteen elected local Ministers to supply information via the “Geoscopes” to be viewed by residents. This offers a capability to observe current policy issues for collective citizen-leadership decision-making in their communities for their daily lives. Reactions to urban policy making can also be made from citizen mobile devices or made interactively in “Calm Rooms” with the debate in huddles and scrums.

The comfort level of these circumstances gives all citizen participants the knowledge of and participation in policy discussions and considerations for future action. Each of the three entities elects Ministers from residential occupants of an Eco-City-State. “Genius Clusters,” “Calm Rooms” and “Stakeholder R&D Laboratories” all have the same number of fourteen elected Ministers to serve their constituents in each respective eco-geographic area of Eco-City-States.

The proposal is a presentation to the citizens of the United States for an alternative Democracy format that differs from one leader to fourteen elected leaders in all identified Eco-City-States, Towns and Villages. The approach presents a consistency of a broad yet local operation and management in all the “Genius Clusters” of performance. Provision for the primary advantages of openness, transparency, and interactivity between all the fourteen Ministers elected in each tier unit becomes the purpose for the citizen-leadership decision-making process.

1.0 Minister of Spiritual Matters;
Human behavior principles between Earth’s abundance and Heaven’s mysteries respected.
2.0 Minister of Population Demographics;
Population estimates and model constructs interfaced with measures of eco-environmental values to establish and forecast extensions and limits in specific geographical areas.
3.0 Minister of Land/Ocean Utilization;
The healthy and frugal use of 3D spatial volume ownership in proportion with mobility and green network areas.
4.0 Ministry of Information and Communication;
Citizen practice of life-long learning that successively advances intelligence and skills to submit, transmit and record individual decision-making to following generations.
5.0 Minister of Human Survival Needs;
Citizen sustenance requires clean soil, air, water, food/fiber, and livestock for life support calculations per individual in Eco-Sates
6.0 Minister of Energy Needs;
Generation of proportionate measures in kcal/km/person used for creation and production of ALL things for the purposeful use of mankind.
7.0 Minister of Monetary Exchange;
Accounting of value for economic exchanges (Dollar or crypto-currencies) in land, property, commodities, manufactured products, and tithing. Bartering between individuals is another acceptable exchange.
8.0 Minister of Technology Evaluation;
Enhance technological innovation with a full assessment of benefits to consequences for their respective value addition to civilization functionality.
9.0 Minister of Mobility Flows;
Travel of goods and people distribution using new transportation technology that is benign to environmental pollution.
10.0 Minister of Structures;
Advancing new non-toxic materials for infrastructure, habitats, furniture, and fixtures in scale for easy human usability non-harmful to health.
11.0 Minister of Waste;
Recycling of human-made and organic products from cradle-to-cradle mimicking Nature’s systems.
12.0 Minister of Justice, Security, and Safety;
Securing safety in laws of conduct with simple covenants for resolving individual disputes swiftly with honesty, responsibility and fair judgment.
13.0 Minister of Ecological and Habitat Harmony;
The geographical socio/cultural settlement patterns together with the eco-environment, for maintenance of balance defined by model calculations to preserve Earth’s omnidirectional flows of cleanliness.
14.0 Minister of Evaluation Grade;
Citizen-Leadership of a village, town, in an Eco-City-State for mobility and settlement evaluation, is valued with its ecological geography. Decision-making, supported by vetted information is then recorded in perpetuity for transmission of inheritance to successive next generations of stewardship for Peace, Prosperity, and Liberty.

The current “infosphere” and “technosphere” cannot see the “biosphere.” The “biosphere” and “urbansphere” duality has seeds to be sown, roots to grow, shoots to rise to receive the flows for continual growth and change of space/time in between. So to must new mobility and structures develop in Eco-City-States for humanities functions.

Life’s miracles remain in the majority an invisible mystery of eternal omnidirectional interface between all organic things for life on Earth. Humanity is alone among the earth’s organic creatures asked to live in these four eco-spheres at once.

Responsible human intellects categorize different species of information and technology with a blind assurance that their attempts to understand the holistic integration myths or facts for chosen actions are still to come. Blessed are the decisions made for integration of the “biosphere” and “urbansphere” for survival.

Are the truths of the Declaration of Independence enduring?
Nowhere was this philosophy, which claimed enduring validity for people everywhere, better summed up than in these words from the Declaration’s second paragraph:
“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — THAT TO SECURE THESE RIGHTS, GOVERNMENTS ARE INSTITUTED AMONG MEN, DERIVING THEIR JUST POWERS FROM THE CONSENT OF THE GOVERNED, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”


Who amongst us either as individuals or as a group is master or slave to citizen-leadership decision-making for righteous stewardship of the “Blue Planet?”

Graham Kaye-Eddie
m.u.d. © 7/30/17, 8/1/17, 8/2/17 1,867 words

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