Saturday 16 December 2017


There is a great comfort level to be found in present Corporations, Academic and Politbureau. (C.A.P.) The triad overwhelms the present and controls the focus for the rest of us with assumed collective power.

However wise words best express our future opportunities. presented by President Eisenhower in his farewell address to USA citizens, government, and scientists.

Quote – “As we peer into society’s future, we – you and I, and our government – must avoid the impulse to live only for today, plundering for our own ease and convenience the precious resources of tomorrow. We cannot mortgage the material assets of our grandchildren without risking the loss also of their political and spiritual heritage. We want democracy to survive for all generations to come, not to become the insolvent phantom of tomorrow.”[2]

The USA Military and Energy Industrial complex long-term persistent quest are supposed to bring back loot from excursions. Both activities cloaked as global policemen have directly influenced and enabled the rich to gain excessive wealth.

Placing USA resident citizens into minimum hourly wages or finding willing sovereign nations for the least possible wages per hour is C.A.P.’s basic formulae. The consequences for USA citizens are an inability to compete with foreign labor. Citizen’s can do nothing else but comply with circumstances of Homeland slavery.

The final result is that USA citizens are drawn in as unwilling partners without much voice for allowing continuation of both physical and financial warfare on others. An arising hidden internal dissension will be likened to the sound of many bubbles about to burst.

The media in C.A.P. partnership blinds U.S. citizenry by doping them into sagas of failures of their uncreative Federal representatives. Persistence in worthless decision-making in Washington DC prevails.

Again the result perpetuates a USA life on credit debt. American citizens are doomed to a life of debt service payments from cradle to grave.

The present fake-money system encourages further debt. Now at $20 trillion and rising is unforgivable and is an impossible load for the next generations to carry. Empires of debt historically are not successful. The USA Military and Energy Industrial duality will break down a viable USA economy if this pattern continues.

USA citizens have tacitly believed this propaganda and cannot revolt, complain or act openly. American citizens are but a single drop of water in a river flowing downstream each acquiring easy access to fake money to float along together. Swimming upstream is going to be hard to rectify the collective debt load for reality value intent.

Bringing the current wars to a halt, dismantling bases and returning all assets and service personnel can curtail and diminish the magnitude of Military Industry’s spending. This withdrawal does not mean the loss of USA technological military prowess to protect our continental boundaries from any possible foreign attack.

The Energy Industry technology path taken to produce oil and gas has been successful with some reservations. The generation of technologies for sustainable solar, wind and geothermal energy will continue to advance a better proportional energy generation balanced against fossil fuels for future population needs.

Urban design intelligence and skills can create and deliver a huge improvement in positive outcomes for city land planning and mobility engineering. Provision of a better proportional monetary share found in the obvious decrease of Military-Energy spending will forward amazing City building visions and create a renaissance in Eco-settlement restoration.

Graham Kaye-Eddie

m.u.d.   ©       7/29/17         563 words

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