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Acquest for urban design considers cryptocurrencies as one part of the value of exchange in a city survival scenario. The possibility of acceptance by citizen/leadership in decision-making requires redesign in many aggregated elements of parts and pieces for a holistic future urban ideal and perfect state for Earth’s survival.

As is with all futures the mission changes with partnerships. The core ideology alters with an infusion of other peoples thinking about matters that need attention. In the holistic matters of the future village, town and city (VTC) development all separated disciplines have inputs. These matters begin with different people insertion of concept and in the end people, evaluations of worth for reality introductions are made.

The human problems in order of priority must prescribe clean land, air, water, food/fiber, energy, communications, economics, mobility, structures, waste, justice/security/safety, and ecological habitat harmony and evaluation grade to be resolved. Principles of measurements of proportional scale needed to support populations and sustain the environment are critical for Earth’s health and humanities well being.

The Energy problem solution by OHM is imperative. OHM (an apt dictionary definition: The electrically discharged sound that one makes while in real deep meditation? Or, The standard unit of resistance offered to current flow by a conductor, used in electricity calculations.)

“How OHM is used, (when clearly story-boarded and illustrated by the authors as to their assessment s and consequences) and the impact it has on the world — both on human society (directly) and on the environment in which we live” should be a minimum footprint is a good mission. This acknowledgment is exceptional. The present view of the pyramid of empowerments is to be opposed will be a struggle. The key to finding the solution for all these things is to seek truths and to share wisdom.

This is revealed with a threesome of cooperation.

Who listens (give one’s attention to a sound, take notice of and act on what someone says; respond to advice or a request. “policy-makers should listen to popular opinion”) Who is deaf (unwilling or unable to hear or pay attention to something.)

Who sees (perceive with the eyes; discern visually. discern or deduce mentally after reflection or from information; understand.) Who is blind (lacking perception, awareness, or discernment. deprive (someone) of understanding, judgment, or perception.)

Who hears (be told or informed of. be aware of; knowledge of the existence of.) Who is deaf (unwilling or unable to hear or pay attention to something.)

How giving and taking strives to be a balanced value by both parties engaged in the challenge. Rewards should be given to the citizen who first initiates good things for “common” (occurring, found, or done often; prevalent rather than showing a lack of taste and refinement; vulgar) good. This can be achieved with a different decision-making evaluation grade.

Citizen/Leadership communication at present is caught between an apartheid ignorance of citizen and governance controls. Seeking partners to support a singular conceptual mission forms a better web where distinct advantages are observed. Leadership groupings have historically been formed to overwhelm society problems. Reliance for mutual survival seems to configure into six ancient categories that of Citizens, a single leader, priests, prophets, generals, and messengers. The new categories may be expressed as citizens, a group of leaders, data devices, religious beliefs, military generals, and “interdisciplinary experts” in the transmission of listening, seeing and hearing offering provisions of facts or fiction.

Assessing the second bond created with SVV is positive. However, the daily “Game Played” (the action or practice of playing gambling games and/or the action or practice of playing video games) in the civil urban VTC development puzzle is also “strewn with mystery, mysticism, and conspiracy.” The problem is multifold for all participants. The “players of the game” that SVV shares for engagement with each other are within a created virtual scenario framework. It is participants who determine the outcome. The evidence of real life on Earth has the little engagement of citizens in matters of survival over the long term, thus the vortex of demise in Earth’s destruction.

However, the amazing advanced SVV technical solution of communication is evidence of many capabilities offered for players 24/7 to chat singularly and in groups together to solve the puzzle. Extending this with OHMS partnership in duality is revolutionary. It predicts a positive step from the virtual into a reality of a new currency into the digital future of mankind. The two partners in this venture acknowledge each other assets. The groupings of the people involved in both organizations behind the scenes although working under separate banners have acted in concert to transparently share their innate intelligence and skills. From the heart into the unknown future, each citizen is furthering the dignity of edifying a new grace for facing improvement and shrugging off traditions that have not worked.

The third bonded organization associated with the LAMB initiative as a “conceptual bridge” is a choice. Focused on the citizen with “acts of kindness” is a beginning. The personal significance of singular actions of self-consciousness is desirable. Working with a group for integrative constructive acts desiring to do no harm requires further prognosis.

The combination of internal assessment and external influences and personal circumstances does affect each person differently, and to varying extends. Remission of ignoring imbalance to innovators/entrepreneurs as to their receipts of money with regard to the glue of “economics” as the only measure of wealth creation is unacceptable. Fixing this ideology needs more than stress and scarcity. Who determines the act of kindness? Who suggests the value for rewards? (one coin for each may be insufficient?) The list of acts of kindness will multiply – who determines the altruistic definition? (belief in acting for others’ good?)

The initial threesome organizational bonding will develop and resolve certain issues at hand. A new composite umbrella organization will evolve depending on internal insight to again acknowledge findings of further core truths and transparencies that banish corruption in present linkages found in the trust of free gifts given in “open source.”


Graham Kaye-Eddie

m.u.d.            7/14/17, 7/15/17           1004 words

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