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A “Smart Cities Mission” was launched by Prime_Minister_of_India” Narendra_Modi” on June 25, 2015. What is puzzling is not the undoubted and superior holistic vision for city rejuvenation and urban transformation in India but the word “Smart” is clearly misunderstood.

The word “Smart” has multiple dictionary meanings -intelligent, adroit, lively, clever, and keen. Combined with the “City” dictionary definition — urban, metropolis, town, municipal, country, U.S. urban center of government, very large urban area, people in a city, extreme thing, large and UK town is most confusing.

Maybe more clarity would be to create a recognizable and simple descriptor – “Intelligent Development Mission.” What is sensible is that the three words should be served by citizen/leadership for high environmental balance sustainability. What is unsustainable is a governance/citizen or oligarchy control at the expense of all else.

If one assumes a high priority for healthy human and environmental longevity the mission principles should be clean air, land, water, food/fiber in all seeding, rooting and sprouting commissioned by farmers with knowledge of seasonal cyclical processes. Self-sustenance is then served to eliminate hunger and poverty.

Faith and trust in many disciplines that combine “head” intelligence with “hand” skills have and will continue to carry diverse actions into diverse societies for many civilizations to come. Allowing for respective groupings of citizens to infuse practices into their latitudes/longitude ecological locations by passing them on successively to following generations enables humanities survival.

What faces human survival on Earth is applying shifts in most human practices of design in successful parts of a dynamic process. Today’s world is locked into an extreme and frenetic search for new ideas, new paradigms, new recipes, and models. And success often resides in the most basic of conditions: simplicity. Refugee camps exhibit a surprising capability of getting along together that slowly converts the temporary into a little more permanence. This is done without “urban planning” based upon policies, rules and linear 2D patterns strictly executed by the offices of government.

The crux of getting along in cities new, old or wanton to be fixed is a daily habit of citizen-leadership as a group of people working together in decision-making can be accomplished today with “Geoscopes.” The flow of daily activity with the streaming of daily refreshed information for all to see is possible.

This starts with a shift into four democratic entities – Genius Clusters, Geoscopes, Calm Rooms and Stakeholder R&D Laboratories – for a rediscovery of a new relationship affiliation. The forces considered to test this association for internal impacts and external consequences considers citizen/leadership decision-making actions in settlements.

Future Populations are moving to cities for Jobs and shelter. Citizens are the source of Innovation Energy.
A Citizen/Leadership sets agendas for City Growth and Change.
Only interdisciplinary cooperation to do righteous things will influence future life on earth for survival conditions.
The future health and cleanliness people of people on Earth with a clear vision will reduce undesirable impacts.
The designs of human systems that operate by the same laws of natures of regeneration systems are paramount.
Urban design is a tall order to observe and balance City in natural systems.
Three key principles are; First, control principle amounts of clean air, food, and water/fiber measures per person. Second, maximize solar income for mobility and structures. Third, celebrate exchanges of reward to maintain socio/cultural diversity in a settlement.
The perpetual flows fond in Natures regeneration system cycles of birth, decay and rebirth must be complemented with village, town, and city, design solutions.
The Mobius symbolizes omnidirectional never-ending motion.
The fashionable “circular economy” of exchange must operate for urban design solutions for practical, logical common sense solution.
People move from place to place starts with steps taken by individuals to access advanced transportation that services communities for local to global convenience.
The use of fresh resource materials found on all continents will enable integration to advance swift trade.
Any degeneration for citizen principle Best use solar, wind and geothermal energy with battery storage systems.
Fitting settlements into local ecologies must strive for the health of humans and biology of place.
Geology, hydrology integrated with vegetation and climate are the physical partners for longevity.
Villages, towns, and cities, are places in which to live and work, therefore decomposition of waste is a priority as is the location of manufacturing.
Everything created in design for product making is a gesture to find harmony with Nature. All objects should function as life-support.
The metabolism of villages, towns, and cities should copy Natures biomimicry of transportation in order to flourish together.
Nature’s literal strategic truths should inform all designs.
To layout, the clarity of principles for a “Smart City State” is part of developing a utopian future.
Existing cities with defined principles will execute redevelopment beginning with the small acreages for healing life on earth.
Already demonstrated with evidence in Dearborn, Moffet Field and Hoofddorp for collective structures and Curitiba for transportation urban design futures are warranted and achievable.

Genesis of urban design has been seeded in the above micro acreage for physical achievements. This heralds a better human world in which to survive. Harmony of urban footprint, transportation, and green networks must expand into “Smart City States.”

Graham Kaye-Eddie

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